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Amadeus has been helping our customers achieve their goals and go beyond just providing market standard products and solutions. In this perspective, we continue to invest on independent research projects which have been carried out in 12 markets around the world covering 4 different regions so far (Asia, Europe, Middle East & Africa).


This series of studies is the first of its kind and we invite you to register to find out more about hidden costs in the travel agency business process; identify pockets of inefficiency and missed opportunities that will save you money.


In order to further understand travel agencies’ business and how they operate, these studies provide us by market the minute details of their workflow process. The better we are able to understand, anticipate and satisfy their requirements, the more efficient and profitable our customers will be.


With “Show Me The Value” we are able to demonstrate and evaluate the value of Amadeus Solutions that have a direct impact on travel agencies across segments allowing them cut cost, increase revenue and invest where it is best for their business.



The research projects have recently been conducted in many other markets across the world. The main objectives of the studies are:


1) To better understand travel agencies operational cost structure - Activity Based Costing (ABC)


Pioneered by Dr. Robert Kaplan of Harvard, ABC is an accounting methodology that analyses business activities and their associated cost independent of the structure of the organization. The results collected from a sample of travel agencies provide a clear picture of the travel agency market profitability and key cost drivers.


Allowing an organisation to understand the cost of doing business gives it a better chance to boost productivity by performing the activity more effectively while minimising costs.


2) To investigate how Amadeus Solutions can add value to travel agencies in terms of time and money - Value Measurements


A Value Measurement study evaluates the performance of products or solutions available in a same market. All analysis is conducted in identical environments with identical criteria ensuring very high levels of confidence. Measuring a product or a solution is the only way a business can confidently know their position in the market.


 Key findings from these groundbreaking reports, together with key customer requirements, are fuelling our product development efforts to ensure that Amadeus remains the first port of call for travel consultants of the future.



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As your trusted partner, we are committed to helping you achieve your business goals. For more information please contact:

A recent study commissioned by Amadeus on ‘Understanding Online Travel Agencies’ cost drivers and ways to optimise Business in Europe’ shows the key challenges mid-sized European OTAs are facing and highlights numerous ways on how these could be improved.