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Freedom is knowing that I can connect anywhere and on any computer.

Lisa Metzl
Personal Travel Manager – TravelManagers, Australia

Since we started using Connect, we improved customer care not only in our daily service, but also while we are on call.

Juan de la Huerta
Buenos Aires Branch Manager – Delfos Tours, Argentina

Gone are the days that I’ll need to tell my clients to ‘wait till I get to office’, or to ‘please call back on Monday morning'. From now on, our clients will know we will be reactive and that we can deal with their queries within minutes. I could be at a party and still give a client information about his flight, car rental or accommodation without having to rush to the office.

Sylvie Ndy Jean Marie
CEO – Easy Fly Corporation, Cameroon

It’s perfect. It’s right then and there. You quote a client, and less than a few hours later, the invoice is issued and the flight is booked and paid.

Helen Mann
Director – Destinations A Buzz, South Africa

Travel Shoppe agents rely on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect to help them provide consistent, attentive service while booking a full journey. Agents have speedy access to integrated hotel content, real-time airplane seat availability and everything they need without having to run multiple searches.

Hilda Morrison
Agency Manager – Travel Shoppe, USA

Thanks to Amadeus, we were able to implement a flexible, activity-based working environment that saw staff no longer tied to their desks throughout the day, but also working from any device, when and where they want to.

Claudia Rossi Hudson
Managing Director – Mary Rossi Travel, Australia

It’s now much easier to respond quickly to my customers and get more from my day.

Leissa Burdette
Personal Travel Manager – TravelManagers, Australia

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect helps HIS Travel to give good service to our customers, anywhere and anytime.

Shinta Lestari
Junior Ticketing Section Supervisor – H.I.S Travel Wonderland, Indonesia

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect makes our job easier, anywhere and anytime. We can run our business much more smoothly and purposefully, enabling us to increase our revenue.

Ticketing International Officer – Daytama Tour & Travel, Indonesia

Finally, a platform that understands my busy lifestyle.

Paula Smith
Independent Travel Manager – Australia

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect lets us work anytime, anywhere, on any device, without losing any features.

Meir Weingarten
President – Ariel Tours, New York, USA

We’ve been very impressed with the new productivity features, which have cut down on unnecessary, repetitive data entries so we can concentrate on more important work. And the fact that it’s web based means we can make and change bookings at any time of the day from any location.

Richard Munday
Operations Manager – Cambridge Business Travel, UK

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