The Amadeus Independent
Issue #6 May 2008

What's new?

Offer your customers what they want most: best deals in seconds!

With you - our travel agency customers - in mind, we created yet another time-saving Amadeus solution: All Fares. All Fares comes fully integrated in the Amadeus Selling Platform and lets you shop for best air fares all on one page and all in a few seconds.

The huge choice of fares and its unique search criteria make All Fares pretty unbeatable. Offer your customers the best deal they can get and find the most profitable fare for your agency - in seconds.

It's awesome!

You can search and book best fares from both Amadeus and non-Amadeus sources. Every search returns several hundred flight recommendations, while a calendar view offers even more choice for those of your customers whose travelling dates are flexible.

Your dream combination

In one single display you find, compare and book (public and private fares, low-cost carriers, consolidators' fares, corporate B2B fares, etc) and then, with the help of Amadeus Service Fee Manager, you can even make sure that you come up with the most profitable fare for the agency.

More extraordinary service for your customers:

Using the All Fares' powerful filter criteria, you can refine your search and make your customers' travelling life even easier by offering them a choice of city/airport, selecting alternate airports and alternate dates, search for specific airlines or exclude airlines...

Spend the time you save...

...on further customer care. And how can creating more customer satisfaction help you save time for even more customer care? Let's take a look at the magic: thanks to the intuitive search on a single screen (requesting content from different sources), time-consuming searches across multiple websites or applications are no longer needed. Thanks to fact that Amadeus All Fares manages automatic log-in to business websites and that results on best negotiated fares are returned within seconds, you avoid time-consuming (and therefore costly) multiple searches.

Happy customers, profitable agency

Book Amadeus GDS and non-GDS content straight away, and enjoy the luxury of an automatically updated PNR. Rules, fees and conditions of all fares -irrespective of their source - are displayed instantly, and flight availability is checked up front. All billing information is seamlessly transferred to the mid and back office.

While All Fares shrinks the time it takes you to book the best deals for your customers, it allows you to make satisfied customers even happier, and they'll be back for more!

All-round and complete customer care

Today's market place expects travel agents to offer their leisure and business travellers choice and flexibility - fast. And now you can "steal" customers back from the Internet with a smile and creative additional services as well as doing everything the Internet does (and doing it better): comparing prices and journeys in an instant, accessing multiple content sources and advising on and booking the best deal!

For more information or to option your package now, contact your local Amadeus Commercial Organisation.