The Amadeus Independent
Issue #6 May 2008

In the spotlight

With a little help from your friends

Part of the professional and professional plus packages, Amadeus Agency Internet Engine is the perfect, low-cost and easy way to help you create an online presence for your business. We've done it for you! And we connect you to the most amazing content!

How can a powerful internet engine be a low-cost solution?

Amadeus is your technology partner, and this is yet another solution we have created very much with you in mind. Amadeus Agency Internet Engine makes it easy for you to be out there, together with the big guys, part of the internet; and since it's built on standardised architecture it provides a low-cost, low-risk route to travel e-commerce, making it the ideal tool for launching or growing your online business. While we take care of the technology, you focus on what you do best.

Be seen 'out there', extend your reach - affordably!

  • Provide high-quality online content:
    • Content that comes with the site includes exciting, up-to-the-minute destination information and much, much more; content your customers can use to plan their trips.
    • You can offer the lowest fares with the help of our Master Pricer's low-fare search engine.
    • Everything your customers could possibly want; available 24/7 and in 23 languages!
  • Serve better and add value to the travel experience:
    • You get a unique website, branded with your company logo, name, address and contact details, plus a choice of colours, graphics, and fonts.
    • A user-friendly interface makes it easy for your customers to check schedules and fares, make bookings as well as access travel information.
    • You can define your own business rules and control the information that is shown to your customers, for example: which kind of services they can book, and when.

Relax and focus on high-value sales

We create (or modify) your website in such a way that it can handle bookings if required. We'll take care of the technical questions and manage its day-to-day life. Sit back, enjoy, and don't even think about how you can possible keep pace with developments in this fast-moving online technology - we do that for you!

This is the way to go - and it's not going to break the bank. Be more competitive by having a 24/7 web presence, open the virtual doors to your customers whenever they need you while at the same time strengthening your brand, marketing your 'consultancy hat' and that inventive face-to-face service with a smile. Spread out your net to catch potential customers and then be prepared to look after them well and make them come back (and back) again!

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