The Amadeus Independent
Issue #6 May 2008

Services corner

You’ll never walk alone!

You had a local electricity blackout? Accidentally wiped out data? No problem. The good news is that Amadeus has all the information stored away. And the even better news is that we can retrieve it for you! New staff? Need help? That’s got an easy solution too.

Whatever your need, just get in touch with your local Amadeus representatives and talk to them about providing you with technical and functional Help Desk services.

How to...

You can report an incident or log a service request with your local Amadeus representives in various - and very simple - ways: per phone, chat or e-mail. They in turn will, on your behalf, contact the Amadeus Regional Service Management Centres who deliver high-quality support services like Help Desk Services, Customer Care Services and Security & Configuration Services.

Powerful tools

Whichever way your local Amadeus representatives contact the Service Management Centres (by phone, through a problem reporting tool or with the help of the online portal Amadeus e-Support Centre), all your incidents and service requests will be recorded and stored in the problem-reporting tool and are therefore ‘track-able’ at any time. Ask your local Amadeus people to check and update the latest status of your incidents and requests.

At your service - by your side

Your local Amadeus representatives use a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database and, with its help, can retrieve statistics for you and your agency’s history. In this way your local Amadeus people can keep track of all your incidents and can even suggest specific training courses for everyone.

Make sure that your travel consultant’s work in an efficient and smoothly running environment and that you can keep track of all your operations and your customers’ transactions with ease.

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