Innovation video series puts “customers first”

mondee2As a company, Amadeus takes pride in our commitment to investing in technology. Over the past 12 years, we’ve invested nearly $5 billion in Research & Development, and last year we invested nearly $917 million in R&D, an impressive 15.3 percent of revenue. In keeping with that commitment, Amadeus has been working closely with California-based Mondee to help the travel leader build a more robust technology platform for its consolidator network, which encompasses five leading travel brands in 40 offices worldwide handling more than two million customer transactions per year.

Shared DNA

When it comes to customer care, Amadeus and Mondee share the same customer-focused DNA. Partners since 2011, Amadeus has helped Mondee grow their business dramatically, using a variety of different services from Amadeus, including search and book, web services and Selling Platform Connect. Mondee CEO Prasad Gundumogula explains Mondee’s vision of putting the customer first, saying, “Mondee is focused on bringing greater value to the customer by bringing in the right content and using the right technology to distribute to customers.” Mondee Vice Chairman Vajid Jafri adds, “By teaming up with Amadeus, we can deliver a complete solution to the market that has been missing.” Amadeus North America President & CEO Scott Gutz expands upon the importance of the partnership with Mondee, stating, “Mondee is one of the most innovative customers in the space, and they are doing things in the consolidator industry that have never been done before.”

Innovation video series

Amadeus recently worked with Mondee to film an innovation video series that focuses on three ways to build a successful customer partnership.

  • Technology: Together with Amadeus, Mondee delivers cutting-edge technology to its consolidator membership. Mondee provides solutions that add value to the way their customers create and manage bookings and serve travelers.
  • Innovation: Mondee is transforming the consolidator industry with innovative solutions like their TripPro platform, which provides exclusive access to the world’s largest source of private content.
  • Content: Both Amadeus and Mondee remain focused on providing an extended breadth of content to customers, which goes beyond traditional GDS content to include fare families and ancillary services.

Watch the first installment of the Amadeus-Mondee video series on Amadeus’ YouTube channel, and subscribe to Amadeus’ YouTube page to watch upcoming videos in the series. For more information about how your company can build a stronger, more innovative partnership with Amadeus, contact us at


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