Shaping the next-gen travel industry leaders

GBTA1I recently became the global head of learning for the travel channels division of Amadeus, and one of the most exciting parts of the job is the impact I can have on the future generation of travel professionals.

One such opportunity is being a mentor with GBTA Ladders. The GBTA Ladders program is a mentoring program that teams 4 or 5 high potential employees with an industry veteran to build a compelling presentation around an industry hot topic to compete against other GBTA Ladders teams. The winning team is scheduled to present at the GBTA Convention during the GBTA Ladders Education Session.

As part of the 2018 GBTA Ladders summit, the mentees and mentors visited the Amadeus Miami office where my Learning Services team and I talked to them about what we are doing to help industry veterans and newcomers to learn about the industry and also about Amadeus.

There was an enormous amount of interest around the eLearning library of Travel Industry Basics.  This is a library of 3 – 4 minute videos that we created to introduce newcomers to the travel industry – with videos like Who is ARC and What is a Consolidator. We showed the Travel Agent video live as part of the presentation.

GBTA2Amadeus goes to school

We also reviewed the new Amadeus Technology Education Program. The program is designed to offer Amadeus curriculum to schools and universities. Amadeus provides training to the teaching staff, access to the Amadeus system, and incorporates a virtual learning offer through our new global learning platform, Amadeus Learning Universe.

Although still in development, we shared information about our Certification Program that comprises tiers for different levels, such as silver-gold-platinum. It’s very important to us that the program be consistent in all regions, so what is gold in Japan is also considered gold in Germany and Brazil. We’d also like it to be recognized worldwide, so we’ve thought about designing an icon that can be added to social platforms, such as LinkedIn, as well as CV’s.

To take the program one step further, we will be working on a job board that links Amadeus customers with both university graduates and Amadeus experts. Ideally, we’d like to create a digital space where agency owners may be able to post open positions, search through our database of experts, while the experts can also see who is hiring, create a profile and more. And again, because of the various markets Amadeus is in, it could open up exciting opportunities in other countries

Climbing the ladder of travel success

It is very rewarding to support the growth and development of the next group of travel professionals – through associations like GBTA Ladders and also building the learning that could become the foundation for someone to launch a career in the fantastic industry.

As a side note, the GBTA Ladders team that I mentored made the Final 4 competition (out of 17 teams) and are competing for the 1st place spot to present at the GBTA Convention in August. So we may be seeing each other in the summer!




  1. Enjoyed your article, these are exciting times!
    I feel sorry for the other 3 finalists at the GBTA convention. 🙂

  2. Very interesting and exciting. Learning is going in a whole new direction outside of Amadeus and within the company – This can only lead to good things!!

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