How to turn 1,200 coders to the travel side

5.- Amadeus Winning team

This question hit my mind when we boldly accepted the challenge to participate in American Airlines’ private hackathon, HackWars V held in Dallas on April 20-21.

Our team poured their hearts and souls into preparing our game plan and strategy for the event. They added data to the APIs, wrote SKDs (software development kits) into different programming languages, developed code samples, and published guides to drive developers through the implementation process of REST/JSON APIs.

However, having all the technical requirements ready wasn’t enough. We were competing with other 37 partners for the developers’ attention, so our team created an engaging presentation focused on the hackathon topic, Star Wars. For example, they linked our Hotel API to Jabba’s Palace and suggested Naboo or Endor as destinations. Our presentation delighted the audience in Dallas!

Being part of this coding marathon was an intense experience. The crowd had thoughtful questions even at 3:30 a.m., when they were very awake and coding.


3.- Several 1Alexa and Amadeus APIs

So, did we succeed in the end? Yes we did. At the final ceremony, nine of the 120 teams presented up-and-running apps connected to Amadeus APIs. As sponsors, we awarded the best integration made with Amadeus APIs to ‘10LordsOfHacking’, who developed a voice-recognition app to offer inspiration for getaways when the user only knows the budget and the dates. It integrated Amadeus REST/JSON APIs with Amazon Alexa.

We saw a lot of code, passion and commitment at the American Airlines hack event, and we were grateful to take part.

May the APIs be with you!


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