Grand prize winner seizes Peak Performance summit – 4 success tips

peak1Pia Hanlon-Olsen, owner of Beyond and Back Travel, Melbourne Beach, Florida, is the grand prize winner of Amadeus Peak Performance, an 18-month gamification and booking incentive that encouraged travel agents to book hotels and cars in the Amadeus system. Pia surpassed more than 700 travel professionals in 260-plus agencies to take home the $2,000 grand prize vacation package. She also won two quarterly challenges to bring home a two-night Hilton Hotels stay, $200 in Best Western gift cards and rental car vouchers.

How’d she do it? Pia’s 4 success tips

  1. Can-do spirit. “I’m a competitive person. Once I start something, I usually don’t stop until it’s over – something my parents instilled in me. I played the contest from beginning to end and never quit – especially since I was winning!”
  2. Daily practice. “I took the challenges and played the gamification aspect whenever I had a free moment. It usually took less than 20 minutes to complete each challenge. Practice makes perfect!”
  3. Strength through adversity. “Last year, our office was closed two days before Hurricane Irma (to prepare) and one week after (no power). More than half of our clients live outside Florida and were not affected by the storm, so the phones kept ringing. Before we closed, we forwarded the office phones to my cellphone. I set up a makeshift office in the living room. We didn’t have internet, but we had cell service, so I worked via cellphone and laptop. I spent the week after Irma working at an 8-foot folding table in my living room. It was a busy, crazy week – but we got it done!”
  4. Continuous learning mindset. “Booking cars and hotels in Amadeus has come a long way over the past 20 years. I’m a cryptic agent, yet love that I have the graphical side when I need an off-airport car rental location in an obscure town, or a hotel near a specific location. I like switching back and forth between graphical and cryptic, first finding the location graphically, then jumping back to cryptic, and finding it there with the new commands I learned during the contest. You can never know too much. Like any technology, the Amadeus system can be complex. Yet the more you know, the easier it is to get things done quickly – and the better you become at your job.”

Congratulations to Pia and all quarterly winners, and thanks to every travel agent who participated in Amadeus Peak Performance. And now with the Amadeus 2018 car and hotel premium incentive program, customers can keep selling Amadeus Cars and Amadeus Hotels and earn additional incentives. Amadeus Cars offers an unrivaled combination of car rental content and state-of-the-art booking solutions. Amadeus Hotels offers more than 340,000 hotel shopping options centralized in the Amadeus GDS, featuring real-time availability, instant booking and full hotel descriptive content.

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