6 travel tech gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

shutterstock_266627072One of the most beloved holidays is right around the corner: Mother’s Day. Instead of humdrum flowers, brunch or chocolate, why not give Mom something she’ll remember always – the gift of travel? If your budget can’t swing a beach vacation, city spree or rural retreat, consider these six nifty gifts, sure to make Mom smile before, during and after her journey.


  1. Introduce her to Alexa. If Mom doesn’t have her own Amazon Alexa device, now’s the time to spring for this $100 go-to concierge. Features like KAYAK’s voice command travel research tool help Mom brainstorm her next vacation, book a hotel, track a flight, or explore and search. Once Alexa is ready to roll, Mom can simply ask, “Alexa, where can I travel for $500 tomorrow?”


  1. Give her ears sweet peace. It’s not that Mom doesn’t like crying babies, chatty seat neighbors or snoring passengers; she simply craves some uninterrupted quiet time en route! A great investment for frequent-traveler moms is a good set of noise-canceling headphones. For a few hundred dollars, Mom can fly in serenity, listening to her favorite music and podcasts as the cabin din grows dimmer.


  1. Make lost luggage found. The affordable Away suitcase alerts Mom to its location if lost in transit. It also has a built-in battery for charging her phone, plus a lifetime guarantee. Get it in her favorite color, with 13 to choose from. Be sure to get one with its new ejectable battery pack for easy removal when flying.


  1. Re-kindle her love of reading. If Mom loves to read, then order the Amazon Kindle e-reader. The device holds hundreds of books and lasts for days between charges. Best of all, its non-glare screen is perfect for a day out at the beach or quiet time on the porch!


  1. Keep her on time and connected. Your tech-savvy mama will swoon over the smartwatch you give her. Moms who love their iPhones will appreciate the Apple Watch Series, and many top Android-compatible picks are also great too. What’s not to love about a “wrist phone” that monitors heart rate, delivers GPS navigation and much more?


  1. Manage trip details like a pro. Help Mom travel fearlessly by helping her download the FREE CheckMyTrip travel app for Apple and Android smartphones. The app enables Mom to download and store air, car, hotel and train trip details, check the weather, and check in for flights.


What’s the best technology gift you ever gave or received?




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