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At Amadeus, we’re always working to shape the future of travel. One of the key disruptive forces driving that future is the Internet of Things (IoT) – the growing network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to sense, communicate and interact with the world around them. Today’s most well-known example of IoT technology is Amazon’s “Alexa,” the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service embedded into the Amazon Echo speaker system.

In the future, Amadeus predicts IoT devices will be an important part of the travel ecosystem. Cars, hotels, airports, train stations and even our homes will be filled with connected devices that we can use to improve the experience of travelers on the go.

IoT and business travel

Imagine the following scenario: You’re about to leave for an important business trip and are running late on your way to the airport. You hop into your IoT-connected car and a message pops up on your dashboard offering curbside valet parking that will save you the critical 10 minutes you need to get to your gate on time! The beauty of the IoT is context, and the way that data and sensors can work together to deliver relevant information at just the right time.aaaa


Together, let’s shape the future of business travel!

If you like how all of this sounds, Amadeus could use your help. We’re running a five-minute survey to better understand the business traveler’s journey. We’ll use the results to start building IoT-enabled solutions that target key business traveler pain points and inefficiencies.

Click here to take the survey.

The rise of the IoT is already proving a transformative force, with lots of potential to shape the future of business travel. We truly appreciate your participation and look forward to creating relevant solutions that significantly improve your future business travel experiences.


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