Searching for Amadeus’ next travel techie

As an Amadeus recruiter, I have the unique privilege of scouting fresh talent from colleges across the US to join our company’s travel technology family. Technical recruiting is a challenging and rewarding experience, and I am often asked, “What does a day in the life of a recruiter look like?” In a nutshell, my day follows this rhythm:

Coffee > Phone calls > Negotiate with candidate > Put out fire > Meeting > Lunch > Put out next fire > More phone calls > Go home > Sleep

day in the life 1Even though my job appears to be wrapped up in phone calls and fires, this is hardly the case. Anyone who knows me will agree I take a hands-on approach to recruiting. My work involves networking at local events and engaging with candidates via social media. My job is to ensure that the experience a candidate brings to the table at our first meeting translates to on-the-job success once he or she gets hired. From initial engagement through the candidate’s first week on the job, I am the new hire’s primary point of contact.

Looking for the bestday in the life 2

From a recruiting standpoint, the days of “posting and praying” via job recruitment ads are a thing of the past. The best candidates are hardly sitting around waiting for a recruiter’s call. To the contrary, they are hard at work somewhere else. To successfully attract these prospects to Amadeus, I must use a wide range of skills, including Boolean searching, networking events, social media and college outreach.

Engaging a currently-employed prospect to consider Amadeus is what separates good recruiters from the mediocre. Think about the calls and emails you may have received from a recruiter in the past. Which queries were you most likely to respond to? The general, impersonal messages with zero relevance to your skills? Or the messages that connected with you personally, addressed your current skills, explained how your background fit the job, and invited you into a meaningful dialog? I think I know the answer!

Life on the road

Luckily for me, I am not chained to my desk; my job involves regular travel to college recruitment events and hiring days. I have visited numerous universities day in the life4around the country including Georgia Tech, University of Florida and MIT, to name a few. Boston has a thriving tech community, and numerous annual tech-related festivals connect me with viable candidates, such as Boston Tech Jam, where I have done filming and social media takeovers for Amadeus.

Making a connection

Do you know someone who would be a good fit for Amadeus? Please invite them to check out our Careers page to view current job listings in North America and around the world. Interested candidates can also contact me directly with a personal message via LinkedIn. Show me that you know something about our company, and explain the role you are interested in, and why. Most important, be sure your unique personality shines through. Don’t worry: no rite of passage or secret handshake is required! Just “be yourself” – and the rest of the connection will take care of itself.

day in the life3


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