Amadeus’ industry-leading flight search APIs offer best alternative as Google QPX Express shuts down

shutterstock_451721404QPX Express API website confirms the company is shutting down the service on April 10, 2018. As the deadline looms closer, I’m hearing this question more frequently: “What choices do current Google QPX Express users have?”

Have no fear, Amadeus is here

For travel companies, developers and individual users affected by the shutdown, Amadeus offers a clear path forward. Amadeus Master Pricer is the ultimate portfolio of shopping APIs used by the world’s leading online and search companies.

A single shopping portfolio for all your needs

  • Amadeus Master Pricer Travelboard offers 100+ search parameters and returns up to 250 recommendations (including all relevant trip information, airline fare family upsell options, in-flight services and more), all with amazing accuracy.
  • Amadeus Master Pricer Instant Search delivers all the goodness of Travelboard with the power of speed, returning results in milliseconds.
  • Amadeus Master Pricer Extreme Search offers open search capabilities that allow you to shop the way your travelers want to shop. Search by a variety of options including budget, country or month.
  • Amadeus Value Search builds upon Travelboard and delivers the right content at the right time using data-driven algorithms targeting specific personas.

Making the decision to switch to Amadeus Master Pricer is fast, easy – and most of all, great for business! To learn more, please complete this form, and an Amadeus representative will get in touch.


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