4 ways to build a stronger corporate travel program

corpIn the world of corporate travel, it’s not often you hear about travel procurement and IT departments agreeing about much of anything. Yet when it comes to managing a travel program, common themes emerge. In our conversations with both departments across multiple-sized organizations and industries, Amadeus and Balboa Travel Management have identified four common themes that lead to better business travel management.


One of the most common themes we hear is how complicated business travel has become. Increased booking options, policy compliance, employee demands, system integration, and duty of care are just a few factors contributing to today’s complex environment. The benefits of simplification are significant, including higher traveler satisfaction, lower costs, and improved efficiency for both travelers and program administrators.


Collaboration works hand-in-hand with simplification. By working alongside like-minded partners – i.e. your travel agency/travel management partner and OBT supplier – you’ll benefit from their expertise and experience. These partners can help streamline your processes and policies, ensuring your travelers have the tools and resources they need to be more productive and successful.


Technology and service are not mutually exclusive. While advancements in technology continue to improve the way employees book and manage travel, service remains a critical component. Dedicated,

personable, solution-focused travel experts are invaluable when it comes to booking your travelers’ complex trips. Professional travel consultants are trained to proactively minimize disruption and ensure quick resolutions when issues arise.

Great service is not reserved only for travelers. Company travel buyers and IT leaders also benefit from continuous engagement with suppliers. Every corporate travel program deserves a committed partnership that features a dedicated global account manager supported by a multi-disciplined team of travel practitioners.


In today’s competitive travel environment, organizations are continually evaluating their travel programs to maximize travel ROI and productivity. Although program changes require ample implementation time, nimble performance must also be a key expectation. External factors may require quick action to ensure travelers (and budgets) are not adversely affected. A supplier’s ability to quickly and effectively respond to changing demands is critical.

Alignment – the end goal

In addition to simplification, collaboration, service and agility, your travel partner’s most important contribution is to foster alignment across all company levels. Does your partner have a demonstrated track record and willingness to forge cultural synergy? How committed is your partner to aligning critical, long-term business goals with common methodologies? Ultimately, your travel program deserves a close partnership that addresses these complex challenges. It’s no surprise that in Amadeus’ partnership with Balboa Travel Management, this remains our top priority for 2018 and beyond.

Are you looking to build a stronger corporate travel program? Contact Amadeus North America at 1-888-AMADEUS or salesinquiries@amadeus.com. Or contact Balboa Travel at 1-800-359-8773 or sales@balboa.com.


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  1. You did a great job of explaining the ways of building a stronger corporate travel program. I found it interesting when you said that company travel buyers and IT leaders also benefit from continuous engagement with suppliers. I must be reading more information about this for future reference.

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