What were the most talked-about blogs of 2017?

shutterstock_722600041After bingeing on gifts, spiked egg nog and fireworks, we can finally say hello to 2018. Before 2017 becomes a distant memory, here’s a look back on the four most-shared articles published on the blog in 2017. And if you missed any of these articles, now’s your chance to check them out now!

#1 Who runs the world? Girls!

Don’t believe me? Our Q&A with Jozu for Women founder lit up the social sphere. Learn more about why Stephenie Rodriquez started the popular travel site and what it means for women and the travel industry in general.

#2 Have a seat!

With Air Canada’s implementation of Amadeus’ leading merchandising technology, travel professionals in the US and Canada can now easily access and offer travelers more “a la carte” options in the form of airline’s Preferred and Advance paid seats. Ready to offer the best seats in flight?

#3 At your service

Every day, hotels receive a number of special requests from soon-to-be guests. Some like fresh towels, restaurant reservation, framed picture of their childhood celebrity heartthrob, while other travel a little under the radar and ask for…nothing. We soon discovered you don’t have to look far to find hotels going above and beyond to satisfy their guests. Check out which hotels are elevating the guest experience.

#4 Why technology gets better with age

If you didn’t hear, last year we celebrated 30 years as a technology company. In today’s fast-moving world, marking three decades in business – especially for a tech company – might be considered an anomaly by many. But we beat the odds! Amadeus North America President and CEO Scott Gutz shares how we did it and intend to keep getting better with age.



What was your favorite article of 2017?


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