5 secrets for a successful switch to Amadeus

Before joining Amadeus, I served as Director of Operations at a large retail agency that ran on a competitor’s agency platform. Most of the agents, myself included, had worked on this platform for well over a decade, and we considered ourselves experts. The system did its job and our business was humming along. And then Amadeus came knocking on our door.

At the time, Amadeus was very new to the Canadian retail market and relatively unknown. The owner and I visited Amadeus’ Toronto office to see the platform – and wow, were we impressed! Here was a technology company that offered so much more than we were used to: point-and-click, fill-in-the-blank technology – virtually unheard of at the time. After further discussions, we made the decision to convert to Amadeus.webimage-F99D9D0B-7D5C-4779-B9E3B1857BE16EF7

I’m sure you can imagine the response from the agents in the office. If I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times: “That’s not how we do things today!” It took about six months to complete the migration. Fifteen years later, the agency still uses Amadeus, and the agents have become die-hard fans.

Here are five secrets for making a successful switch to Amadeus:

  1. Strong leadership. Agency decision-makers must evaluate all pros and cons before deciding to make a change. Will the new platform help make our company more successful? Will we be well positioned to address future challenges in our industry? If the answer is yes, then the change should be made.
  2. Open communication. The conversion should be communicated to agency staff in a positive manner. Most importantly, the change should be presented as a directive rather than a choice. “This is the best decision for our company, and we need your support to make it successful.”
  3. Take the training. One of the things we liked most about moving to Amadeus was Amadeus e-University, the training platform. It is chock-full of training and support materials that all agents can access freely, 24/7! We encouraged our staff to take advantage of all available training, and even set aside several hours each day for staff to attend Amadeus Live Online courses.
  4. Lean on Amadeus for assistance. When converting from another platform, Amadeus assigns an implementation support specialist to the agency. This individual evaluates all requirements for a smooth transition, and the Amadeus implementation team works closely with agency leadership to deliver a successful migration.
  5. Remember, this is not your old system. When the agents used to say, “This is not how we worked before,” our response was, “Yes, correct!” That’s because it is not your old platform – it’s the unique Amadeus system. There are good reasons why agency leadership decided to make the change. Everyone needs to be encouraged to embrace the differences between the “old way” and the “new way.” Trust the process – it works.

As best-selling authors Chip and Ron Heath write in their book, Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, resistance and grumbling are natural, inevitable responses to change. Despite the challenges, the need for change must be understood, accepted and embraced at every level. Through positive leadership and endless support, making the switch to Amadeus will be successful. To learn more, contact us at 1-888-611-5554 in Canada, or 1-888-AMADEUS in the US. You can also email us at salesinquiries@amadeus.com.

Are you ready to embrace a successful partnership with Amadeus?


  1. Amadeus is fortunate to have someone with first hand experience working with both our loyal customers as well as those who may be considering Amadeus.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and expertise Michele!

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