Tech the halls: What’s on the Amadeus holiday wish list?


The time for tree-trimming, gift-giving and sipping egg nog is officially here! As you can imagine, we spend the year thinking of how to improve the travel experience for millions of travelers. But for the holiday season, we here at Amadeus also think about what new gadgets and innovations will help make our lives feel like Christmas every day. So we asked some of our resident techies to share what’s on their holiday wish list and how it could improve everyday life.

The Ring Doorbell

“Smart phones, smart speakers and now… smart doorbells? Yes. The Ring doorbell blends convenience, security and monitoring into one small device. The high resolution camera lets you see visitors at your door from anywhere in the world. And since I travel often, the Ring doorbell is a perfect gift item I want, but more importantly, need.”  – Alix Argüelles, Vice President, Online Travel Group

GoPro Fusion 360

“Capturing vacation videos with 360 VR makes the viewer truly feel like you’re actually there on location with the cameraman. I believe it is a must-have for video storytelling and tech geeks. This GoPro has made it affordable and very easy to share these specific videos to YouTube and Facebook without the major technical hurdles from earlier 360 video systems.” – Jose Jolguera, Graphic Designer and Web Developer

Sonos One

“For music lovers with a techie heart, Sonos One plays songs and allows you to control your smart home. Thanks to Amazon’s Alexa, I could request a list of things – from playing my favorite tunes to dimming the lights.”  – Glenn Anderson, Technical Recruiter

Robotic lawnmower

“Who doesn’t like the idea of lawn care simplified? The Husqvarna Automower eliminates carbon emissions, reduces noise and gives me back my weekends. What’s not to love?” – John Dwyer, Marketing Manager, Business Travel Group


“Although it’s been out on the market for a couple of years, the PetChatz is still the first of its kind and a must-have for me and my pet. The system allows pet parents to see, hear and dispense treats to their pets from anywhere in the world. PetChatz would allow me to check in on my Boston terrier, Jagger, while I’m at work or just out for the day.”  – Hali Belfatto, Marketing Manager, Leisure Travel Group

Tesla Roadster

“I was first sold on a Tesla when I rode in my friend’s car. I loved the concept of a supercharged, electrical and self-driving car. It came with a lot of power, yet it was quiet to drive. Now that Tesla is making a new version of the Roadster, it’s definitely made my wish list. The Tesla Roadster boasts ground-breaking 0 to 60 speeds and can go 620 miles without a recharge. It looks crazy (in a good way), and the price is just as crazy (not-so-good way), but this is a wish list, right?  – Matt Trevino, Manager, Strategy and New Business Initiatives


What’s on your wish list this year?


  1. Kaleena, this is a great and fun article. Thank you for sharing it. Some of the stuff I have and some I’m gonna check out. I know I want a Tesla but I’m gonna have to wait on that one. I wish you the Very Best Holidays.

  2. Thanks Kaleena,
    The Ring Doorbell has been on my list and glad to see Alix values it as well.
    Wishing you many blessings this Holiday Season

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