A gift from Amadeus: 5 holiday travel hacks

shutterstock_524813110The holiday season is upon us! A time of celebration, fun and…let’s face it, stress. Particularly when you’re managing your clients’ holiday travel plans as well as your own. Scroll down for some helpful travel hacks you can share with your clients and use yourself to keep a joyful spirit throughout your holiday journeys.

Booking hacks for holiday flights

When you’re on the go, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect keeps you connected to your customers and lets you work any time, anywhere, and from any device, with no certificates required! It saves you time by providing quick access to integrated hotel content and real-time airplane seat availability without having to run multiple searches. And with Amadeus e-Power, you can transform lookers into bookers by making it fast and easy for people to book holiday travel plans right from your website.

Gift-packing hacks

Holiday shopping is stressful enough without worrying about how you’ll get gifts to their destination. Save yourself the trouble of traveling with presents and order gifts online, then send them directly to your destination. Or mail them, since bringing along an extra checked bag full of gifts may cost just as much or more. If you do travel with presents, however, save wrapping them until you reach your destination, because airport security can open packages to see what’s inside.

Handy hack for flight disruptions

Does your client need to switch flights because a snowstorm hit? Or have they encountered some other unexpected disruption? Whether you need to re-price, re-issue or refund a ticket, the automated suite of products in Amadeus Ticket Changer does all the work, letting you manage your customer requests accurately in minutes, sometimes mere seconds! Boost customer satisfaction and let the peace of the holiday season fill your clients as travel documents are automatically prepared with no penalties or additional fees.

Snack attack hacks

If you’re traveling on a flight that doesn’t offer meals, pack a bag of instant oatmeal in your carry-on. Then you only need to add hot water from a coffee cup, and breakfast is served! Pack an empty water bottle as well, and fill it just before your flight. You can use it throughout your trip to save on the cost of buying bottled water.

Stress-free travel hack

Keep stress levels low for you and your clients with Amadeus CheckMyTrip. Our FREE personal travel app keeps all your travel information in one place, letting you check flight numbers, seat assignments and itinerary changes right from your mobile device. The app also sends updates informing you of any delays, cancellations or terminal changes. Amadeus CheckMyTrip keeps you on top of your busy travel schedule so you can concentrate on what matters most, celebrating with family and friends during this holiday season.


Have any travel hacks worth sharing? Let us know in the comments.



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