5 ways leaders can win the workplace


I often get asked whether an organization should make customers their first priority and then employees, or vice versa? I believe Businessman Doug Conant said it best:

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace”.

Trying to win the marketplace before you have won the workplace is like trying to win a marathon being out of shape. It will never happen.

I have always believed that if you spend the time building a culture where employees are inspired, engaged and satisfied, the customers will be taken care of and profits will soar.

Read on and learn five areas I focused on in winning the workplace:

Defining a clear vision

Your department or function need to understand the direction that you are going and how it fits into the overall company vision. It is critical to spend the time communicating this vision down through the organization so people understand and have an opportunity to add feedback and input.

Align the individual’s strengths with the job

Spend time understanding what each of your employees’ top talents are and how you could organize their work to use these strengths. When an individual has an opportunity to use their strengths on a day-to-day basis, their engagement and motivation increase significantly.

Help your employees find meaning in their work

Good leaders help their teams understand how their efforts link to the functional objectives and overall company objectives. People need to feel that their efforts are having a positive impact on the company. And once you validate their contributions, it adds a sense of accomplishment to the individual.

Build an environment of trust

If employees trust you as a leader that you are always looking out for their best interests and the company’s best interest they will follow you and be engaged. Employees need to feel that their leader cares for them as individuals and professionals.

Have a culture of FUN

Employees can often burn out in the workplace, so it’s critical to create a “work hard, play hard” culture. Hosting on- and off-campus team-building activities, catered lunches, and fun brainstorming sessions are some ideas to create “playtime at work.”

I can promise you that if you spend the time and effort in creating the right climate to engage your teams it will result in satisfied customers and you will “win the marketplace”.


Vic is the chief operating officer at Amadeus North America. He is responsible for operations and customer support throughout North America, including customer services regional technical services and product development and can be found at @victorpynn.


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