The future of booking: 3 solutions every agent should use today

shutterstock_484939165Before joining Amadeus in 2010, I ran the day-to-day operations for a busy retail travel agency. As “second-in-command”, I saw first-hand the technologies that worked and those that didn’t as industry and traveler needs evolved. Today, I am on the other side of the equation, working closely with travel agencies to bring new technologies into their business.

At Amadeus we are always working to try to anticipate our customer’s needs and navigate where the industry is headed. It is our goal to bring to market products and services that can help our customers’ business grow. Here are three solutions that can take your business to the next level.

Amadeus All Fares Plus

As travel needs and expectations evolve, one thing remains constant: Travelers will always desire the lowest fares. With Amadeus All Fares Plus, you can provide your customers the lowest, most relevant fares without leaving your agency desktop. This graphical low fare search product, powered by our best-in-class search technology, gives you and your agents the same fare search capabilities as the leading online industry players.

Amadeus Hotels Plus

Did you know hotel commissions continue to be strong, despite the whittling of commissions on other content? Consider – a 3-day business trip to London – hotel rates run on average $300 per night. That’s a $90 commission! Amadeus Hotels Plus allows you to search by a number of different parameters to find the right property for your traveler. Amadeus Hotels Plus lets you shop and compare competitive rates from multiple sources with access to GDS and hotel aggregators’ content. Plus, you can earn rewards and gift cards by participating in our Amadeus Peak Performance promotion!

Amadeus Offers

Have you ever considered how much time your agents spend crafting emails for customers wanting to see several different options for the same trip? Cutting and pasting and changing fonts are just a couple of inefficient steps agents take for this process. Consider Amadeus Offers, a product that allows you to quickly and accurately put together “Offers” for your customers including prices, rules and restrictions. In addition, all emails will have the same branded format and appearance. And the “offer” can be quickly confirmed when the customer lets you know their choice.

Create travel success – today and into the future

As we approach the heightened holiday travel season and traveler demands, how are you preparing your business to meet those expectations? As the saying goes, it takes a village – it takes a travel professional with industry leading tools to understand the dynamics and needs of travelers during this busy season and into 2018.

Contact your account manager or email us at to set up a product demo of any these solutions and more.


Does your agency use any of these Amadeus solutions? If so, share your experience!


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  1. Time is money! These tools save you time which equates to more money, by allowing you to sell more! These are fantastic tools!

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