At your service: 6 ways that hotels can elevate the guest experience

shutterstock_558500035High floor. A room with a view. A restaurant reservation. Every day, hotels receive a number of standard requests from soon-to-be guests. Some like fresh towels or a pillow fort, while others travel a little under the radar and ask for…nothing. Whether special services are requested or not, you don’t have to look too far to find hotels going above and beyond to make a traveler’s stay a little more rewarding. Here are six examples of how hotels elevated the guest experience for some of our very own Amadeus people.


A bridal surprise!

“I was once at Epic Hotel, a Kimpton property, with three of my oldest and dearest friends for a girls’ night to celebrate my friend’s engagement. We went through the hotel lobby to go to dinner and a hotel staff member asked us why were so happy. We told her my friend was celebrating her engagement and we were headed to dinner and in search of a tiara to celebrate this special occasion.

When we returned to our room after dinner, we found a tiara for my friend, a cake with the word “congratulations” in icing, a bottle of champagne with four crystal glasses and confetti all over the table. The hotel even included a signed hand-written note of congratulations.

It was such a wonderful surprise and quite shocking as I did not realize the staff knew who I was, but Kimpton has a way of making their guest feel very special!”– Elisa Gonzalez, Senior Business Development Manager


Someone’s trash, someone’s treasureshutterstock_381107317

“While traveling to India, I learned the airline had lost my luggage, right before having to rush to my hotel to get ready for an important meeting with customers. I called the hotel, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, from the airport and asked for them to arrange everything from toiletries to underwear to a dress shirt within 45 minutes (it was 6:30 am!). When I arrived to the hotel, every single item requested was laid out on the bed ready for me. The perfectly pressed shirt was taken from their dry cleaners (someone had left it behind) and it fit perfectly!” – Vic Pynn, Chief Operating Officer


Anniversary upgrade

“A few years ago my wife (girlfriend at the time) had to take a business trip to Atlanta – it was the same weekend as our anniversary, and I could not make it out there. She was staying at a Hilton hotel, so I asked room service to deliver her a bottle of wine and flowers and upgrade the room for her on my dime. So technically I did not get to see her but they provided her with a sweet room and wine and we FaceTimed later that night.” – Glenn Anderson, Technical Recruiter


Surprise and delightshutterstock_69314809

“On a group business trip to London, we stayed at The Rubens at the Palace London. Coincidentally, it was my birthday weekend, so the hotel was gracious to deliver a cake to us while we were sitting in the lounge! The General Manager came over to extend well wishes and one of my colleagues’ teenage niece who met us there jokingly mentioned she’d prefer cookies. I chimed, “I love cookies too, and my favorites are chocolate chips”! And much to our surprise, the hotel delivered a variety of cookies, including chocolate chip cookies to our room – every night of our stay! Talk about “suite” service!” – Carolyn Cauceglia, Vice President, Strategic Sales


Altitude concierge

“On my recent trip to Aspen, I had the opportunity to stay at the Hotel Jerome. A hotel that stays true to the Colorado style of living, it was love at first sight! I flew in from Miami, so I was a little concerned about getting acclimated to the altitude. When I called to make my reservation months before my arrival, I just briefly mentioned to guest services about my concern adjusting to the altitude. After checking in to my room, I noticed my humidifier was already set up. The bellman saw my surprise and said the hotel wanted to make sure I was comfortable as I got acclimated to the altitude!” – Andrea Vasquez, Event Planner


Midnight snack attackshutterstock_194608997

“I once requested a pint of salted caramel ice cream from the One & Only Palmilla Los Cabos at midnight. Although they didn’t have any in-house, they had someone run out and purchase at a local convenience store. It was delivered in a beautiful tray along with all sorts of toppings to make my own sundae.” – Adriana Formoso, Manager, Events


What special request have you received or what would you ask for on your next vacation?





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