Embracing change, one desktop at a time

shutterstock_439437361I’ve spent the last 20 years working in the travel industry – an industry where change is the constant variable. I have seen airlines reinvent their image, others disappear completely. I’ve seen travel agencies merge, go online and new travel agencies born for a specific market niche. This constant transformation has taught me that without change we are stuck in the status quo.

For the last four years I’ve worked for Amadeus, a company focused on shaping the future of travel. Adaptability and our willingness to embrace change is part of our DNA. This started 30 years ago and continues today with products like Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, our latest web-based platform that allows agencies to be free from the desktop and work anytime, from anywhere on any device. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, designed with our customers in mind, offers greater efficiency, increased productivity and an easy, intuitive interface. This interface allows easy ways to multi-task, and is focused on saving agent’s time to deliver their customers exceptional service.

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect represents change for many travel agencies. I’ve worked closely with several customers to help them upgrade to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. I have witnessed both resistance and an eagerness to change.

While each journey is unique, four common stages have emerged:

  1. Resistance to the new: Why do I need to change platforms? It is normal, we all do it! Resistance is our first reaction when change comes our way. As humans, we are conditioned to want to feel safe and comfortable with what we know and this security need makes us resistant to anything that may jeopardize the status QUO.
  2. Openness to find the positive: Tell me more about this new platform. Curiosity kicks in and we want to learn more. We start analyzing our current situation and asking ourselves the honest, hard questions. We realize there are benefits to changing and that resistance can only make it more difficult.
  3. The cost of not changing: How does this platform ensure I stay ahead in an ever-changing world? In order to stay competitive in our market and to be able to fulfill today’s traveler needs, it is necessary to embrace the changes that give you the powerful technology tools to be successful in this market.
  4. Embracing change: I’m ready to upgrade! It only takes one person to lead the change! Change starts small and is a process that sooner or later will be embraced by everyone in the agency.

We focus on making the process of change easier by offering several resources, such as our “Getting Started” tool, training webinars and support. And remember! You are not alone! The Amadeus team is here to help you every step of the way.

Upgrade your future

Through these journeys I’ve witnessed first-hand how embracing change has opened up customers’ approach to their business and new technologies. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect has become their ally to help them increase their productivity.

Don’t just take my word for it! Samantha at Sky Tours & Travel Inc. says, “Don’t hesitate or be scared of something new! We hesitated for a long time, but you have to move with technology. The more you advance with your platform, the more you will sell. Amadeus is there to help you, so don’t be afraid of something going wrong or not working.”

Alan Liccione of Liberty West Travel, a 30-year corporate travel veteran was eager to make the switch to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. “The transition was a piece of cake – Amadeus had the user in mind when they designed this platform.”

Read more about Sky Tours & Travel Inc. and Liberty West Travel, Inc, two agencies embracing change one platform at a time!


Have you made the switch to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect? And how you do embrace change in your agency?




  1. Great article Carolina and so on point. We can relate to our customers as we must continue to change and evolve with the times. Thank you for reminding us that blessings are found as we continue to move foreward and keep our eye on the prize .

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