3 ways to stay inspired

shutterstock_459175588It isn’t easy to stay inspired when we find ourselves in the everyday routine of life. Whether it’s work-related stress, at-home challenges and or mental obstacles, finding inspiration can be like driving a car with flat tires. So, here are three actionable steps I take to stay inspired daily.

Document your desires

First, you need to spend some time and define what you want in life. I categorize my desires by Personal, Professional, Family and Spiritual and write 10-15 key goals related to each. But to further solidify those desires and make them actionable, I share them with my partner. It helps to receive alignment and support from those who do life with you!

Make an action plan

Developing a plan helps turn your goal into a reality. I start with reviewing my list and start thinking about actions that I can take on a daily basis that support these goals. It might take you years to get to your end goal, but you must start somewhere, and your daily actions need to be pointing you in the right direction. I then go through the items and look for individuals who have been successful in achieving what I am looking for and study what I can I learn from them. I start reading books 2-3 times a week, listening to podcasts or any form of information that would INSPIRE me to push forward with my life goals. Just remember, feeding your mind with knowledge and motivation is just like feeding your body with fruits and vegetables!

Keep calm and meditate

I’m a big proponent of visualizing your goals in order to achieve them. I take 15-30 minutes every day to cultivate the focus to help visualize achieving my life goals and how it would feel when they come to fruition. For me, this process includes positive thoughts and being grateful for everything – big and small. Without that time of meditation, it’s hard to keep an inspirational mind-set.

Whichever method you practice in your life to stay inspired, remember to define what you want, look for inspiration and then take action to accomplish your goals. Also, tag team with a loved one, colleague or accountability partner to keep you on the right track. And I challenge you to answer this question: “What will you do today that will make you proud in a year?”


Vic is the chief operating officer at Amadeus North America. He is responsible for operations and customer support throughout North America, including customer services regional technical services and product development and can be found at @Victorpynn.



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