Ain’t no mountain higher than the Amadeus Peak Performance summit

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing,” says author Barry Finlay about the joys of mountaineering in his bestselling books, “Kilimanjaro and Beyond” and “I Guess We Missed the Boat.” For the past year, more than 620 travel professionals represshutterstock_520376329enting 260-plus agencies have been climbing the metaphorical peaks of Denali, Aconcagua, Elbus and Kilimanjaro in Amadeus Peak Performance, an 18-month promotion that encourages agents to increase their car and hotel bookings in Amadeus.

This October through December, climbers will embark upon their fifth and final trek to the ultimate peak: Mount Everest. Like the four previous games starting in August 2016, participants will focus on reaching the peak as they master new skills with car and hotel bookings, features and content along the way. Players will earn points as they complete learning challenges and make bookings in our platforms, Amadeus Cars and Amadeus Hotels.

The final climb is open to all Amadeus travel professionals; no previous experience or participation is required. At the end of the game, Amadeus will award prizes to:

  • Two top climbers who will receive a three-day car rental and two-night’s hotel voucher.
  • Eight players earning a minimum of 100 points will be eligible to win a $100 gift card.
  • The travel agent with the most points at the end of the 18-month promotion will win a grand prize vacation package valued at $2,000!

3 climbers push to the peak

Linda Giesbrecht, a travel professional at CTI Business Travel in Orem, Utah, has been playing Amadeus Peak Performance since last January. “It only takes a few minutes to log on and check for the challenges. When it’s busy in the office, I check every few days; when it is slower, I check daily.”

Linda’s favorite activity is the learning challenges. “I recently learned a new Amadeus Hotels format, LOC-, to perform a comprehensive hotel availability search near the San Diego Convention Center. The command, ‘HASAN13AUG-1/LOC-SAN DIEGO CONVENTION CENTER,’ pulled up all the nearby hotels, whereas the generic ‘HN-CONVENTION CENTER’ only reflected hotels bearing the words ‘convention center.’ Amadeus Peak Performance has been a fun way to learn new formats, which helps me serve my customers better,” says Linda.

Pia Hanlon-Olsen started working for Beyond and Back Travel in the spring of 1982, and purchased the Melbourne Beach, Florida agency in 2006. This corporate and international travel expert has worked with Amadeus since the beginning, and uses the GDS almost exclusively to book her clients’ cars and hotels. Pia has been playing Amadeus Peak Performance since February, and along with CTI’s Linda Giesbrecht, credits the game with improving her proficiency in searching for hotels, particularly in a specific location. Pia recently won an Amadeus Peak Performance prize: a 2-night hotel and car rental. “I really enjoy the competition; it’s been a fun and engaging way to learn new graphical commands.”

Rachel Alber has been a travel consultant for 30 years, and focuses on leisure travel sales at Jamestown Travel in Jamestown, North Dakota. Rachel has played Amadeus Peak Performance since it started, and praises the promotion for teaching her new shortcuts. “I play every day, five to 10 minutes, depending on the challenges,” says Rachel. “I’ve used the Amadeus system for a long time, and pretty much know the ins and outs of booking cars and hotels. Nevertheless, the idea of winning a prize and learning something new has kept me engaged; I recently won a $100 Target gift card!”

Build your business by booking more cars & hotels

Amadeus Cars and Amadeus Hotels are designed to meet all your travelers’ needs and offer a mountain of benefits, including:

  • Champion content – Give your customers an unparalleled selection of car rental and hotel content
  • Maximize technology – Optimize the way you work with our intuitive, informative tools
  • Embrace new channels – Diversify your approach to access more customers and new business
  • Elevate customer service – Tap our car and hotel trainings to personalize customer journeys
  • Build profitability – Increase the value of each customer with higher margins and commissions
  • Improve efficiency – Streamline operations across all stages of the booking process

Visit the Amadeus Peak Performance website to register and download your game guide today. If you’re already a power player, keep up the good work! We look forward to celebrating with you at the top!


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