How luxury brands can unlock the potential of global travelers

shutterstock_647535208There’s good reason why airports are filled with shops catering to those with a taste for the finer things of life. According to recent research, travelers fuel 40% of all personal luxury sales, a market that is valued at more than $1 trillion. A powerful marketing opportunity awaits those luxury brands that want to reach these high-value travelers.

Few players in the travel industry are as well positioned as Amadeus to connect brands with travelers, on a truly global scale. We’ve used our industry expertise and reach to create a unique travel advertising network: Amadeus Media Solutions.

No matter what travel related product you promote – from flights to luxury accessories – we help advertising budgets go further. Our powerful audience data and advertising media make this possible. We touch the traveler at every stage of their journey. Starting from trip inspiration, through to their return. We can target campaigns by trip details, such as airport origin or destination or even traveler socio-demographics like gender or nationality.

Already, we’ve built one of the most comprehensive networks for travel in the world, generating more than 500 million travel bookings, in more than 190 countries every year. We can now offer travel marketers literally billions of advertising impacts, all managed from a single platform.

Have a look at this infographic to see how travel is shaping the shopping experience and download our latest whitepaper to read how brands can reach valuable, global travelers.


Originally published on the Amadeus Corporate blog.


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