3 ways tourism boards can boost business with Amadeus

shutterstock_584832469Tourism boards and convention and visitor bureaus – collectively known as Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) – serve a vital role in the global travel and tourism industry. These local, regional and national “keepers of the keys” market cities and destinations to a variety of audiences: business travelers, meeting professionals, tour operators and individual visitors. They also champion local economies by connecting businesses, residents and elected officials to travel and tourism.

Large or small, DMOs face similar challenges. They must effectively promote their cities, countries and regions to key audiences, optimize their strategic and tactical marketing plans, and sustainably grow their business (i.e. tourism). To achieve these goals, DMOs must make informed business decisions based on detailed traveler trends and preference data.

Amadeus supports DMOs

Our new discussion paper, Smart decisions for smart destinations using big data, a follow-up to last year’s Defining the future of travel through intelligence, explores how DMOs can benefit from advanced analytics. In the report, industry experts explain how DMOs can use data to innovate and disrupt the market – and test new ideas to attract new travelers.

Each year, Amadeus processes hundreds of millions of trips. For the past 30 years, our presence in 195+ countries has positioned us to mine and hone valuable data and insights to help DMOs drive visitor growth. Today, our technology is helping tourism boards reach targeted audiences and tailor their marketing spends through powerful travel data analytics and a broad mix of marketing channels.

From initial planning to final tracking, Amadeus can help DMOs grow their business three ways:

  1. Analyze

Using data analytics from travel intelligence, Amadeus transforms numbers into insights, helping DMOs better understand travelers’ search and purchase habits, analyze visitors’ travel patterns, and tailor programs to effectively target and reach leisure, business and individual travelers.

  1. Advertise

Amadeus Media Solutions and travel audience offer a powerful, data-driven marketing platform that spans travelers’ journeys to promote a DMO’s city or destination. Our advertising media reaches the world’s largest network of connected travel agents – and millions of global travelers through offline, online and mobile channels.

  1. Inspire

Amadeus Media Solutions helps DMOs create sites and applications that not only inspire travelers, but also help them plan their trips from beginning to end. We offer options for designing travel plans with detailed maps, apps and more. For example, we created the VisitEurope app in partnership with the European Travel Commission.

All about location

In real estate, the secret to success is “location, location, location.” DMO marketing is essentially the same; it’s about effectively “locating” travel agents as they search for destinations, and placing a DMO’s locale – or brand – in front of the right travelers at the right time.

Amadeus’ powerful technology generates millions of bookings each day, bringing thousands of travelers to a DMO’s destination. By combining travel data analytics with our unique marketing channels, we can position a DMO’s destination marketing campaign in front of a captive global network of travel buyers, and millions of travelers, leading to better business results.

Let Amadeus help boost your role as “keeper of the keys.” For more information on how we can help your DMO implement an integrated marketing plan, contact an Amadeus Sales Executive at salesinquiries@amadeus.comAnd we hope to see you at the Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) Annual Convention in Montréal, July 11-14.


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