Amadeus Service Hub: Your new 24/7 virtual help desk is here!

articleAmadeus e-Support Center served you well but it was time for an upgrade.

Amadeus Service Hub, your 24/7 virtual help desk, is now available in Amadeus Selling Platform and Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. Just click the new Smart Tab with the Service Hub logo to have access to thousands of how-to help articles, error messages, and access to Amadeus Live Chat and Case Logging.

Here are some tips for getting started in Amadeus Service Hub:

The more specific your search, the better it will be articles

You need to think about Amadeus Service Hub the same way you would think about using your favorite internet search engine. Our new search is more powerful than it’s ever been. But you will get the results by typing, “pricing a multi-passenger PNR” than just typing “pricing.” Then you can use the new filters on the side of your search results to get exactly what you need.

Do you need to reset your terminal? Check the home page 

Resetting your terminal is one of the most common requests we get and it’s something you can easily do without picking up the phone. Just look on the home page of Amadeus Service Hub for “Terminal Reset” and you’ll be able to reset your own terminal quickly.


Check the Online Requests tab to ask the help desk a question or chat 

Did you know you can send the Help Desk a question without picking up the phone? Just click on the Online Requests tab to “Log a case” and track its process. You can also chat with a representative, using Amadeus Live Chat, if you need help finding a solution within Amadeus Service Hub.


Don’t forget about the Learning and Amadeus Selling Platform Connect tabs

The Learning tab has links to resources in our training portal, Amadeus e-University, located in Amadeus Direct, like the webinar calendar, your transcripts and more. The Amadeus Selling Platform Connect tab has also grouped together many resources that can make your transition to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect a lot smoother.

So have you tried Amadeus Service Hub? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. i have registered and am yet to get confirmation or access to amadeus an angent but i still want to learn more and acquire more information on amadeus and all their products.
    any help?

    1. Hi Chiamaka,

      Are you already an Amadeus customer? If so, you can contact the help desk and they should be able to help you with your registration. If you don’t know the number, you can find it in the Contact Us tab of Amadeus Direct (

      Thank you for your interest in learning more with Amadeus Service Hub!

  2. 19 July 2017
    If I’m not signed in to Amadeus Selling Platform, Amadeus Service Hub doesn’t open. If I click on Amadeus Service Hub, a link through an incoming e-mail from Amadeus help desk from any computer if it is not an Amadeus Selling Platform doesn’t recognize my sign in.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Sal,

      You can always try to access Amadeus Service Hub directly from the URL:

      And sign in with your Selling Platform credentials. You need those credentials to sign in to Service Hub so contact your agency’s Local Security Administrator (LSA) if you are having problems with your agent sign. Thanks!

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