3 tech areas disrupting managed travel

shutterstock_417584941 (2)It’s not often that you gather roughly 80 experts from across the business travel industry and get them to agree on, well, anything.

However, that’s precisely what happened at the GBTA Technology Peer to Peer Think Tank, where participants identified the top three technology-related areas impacting managed travel, debated on each topic, then drew conclusions on where the industry is today and perhaps what the future holds.

Below are excerpts on the key takeaways provided by GBTA and made available through Amadeus’ sponsorship of the Think Tank.

Traveler (in-trip) experience

Participants agreed that there have been great improvements in supporting travelers while on the road; however, opportunities remain to help ensure higher productivity, including:

  • A robust traveler profile that can be shared or used commonly across service providers
  • There is increasingly more pressure to provide real-time contextual information pushed to the traveler to save time and reduce frustration

Travel program data challenges

Accurate and timely data is one of the top challenges travel programs face. Despite this, there are ways to leverage data for advancing travel programs.

  • Corporate travel managers should use data to make small bets/changes versus one big one; need better scenario modeling tools to estimate the potential value of any policy changes
  • Companies are beginning to be more transparent with data to facilitate reward systems

Risk technology / Duty-of-care

Technology will continue to play a key role in mitigating and managing travel risk. With that, participants agreed on the following:

  • Pre-trip risk-related information is important during the booking process, but risk levels can change between booking and travel so awareness and action requires ongoing attention
  • Travel managers need a range of reliable risk data sources or work with a risk management supplier

GBTA members can access the full summary (along with summaries for other Peer to peer discussions) in the GBTA HUB, on the GBTA website.


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