Our customers’ success is our success

Repeat after me: Customers first! This is the mantra by which Amadeus lives. It’s not what we do – Amadeus builds technology, it’s why we do it – in order to meet our customers’ needs. This is the key to our success.

Helping our customers succeed is what we do by design. Amadeus sits uniquely at the center of the travel ecosystem, serving all travel industry players including airlines, hotels, travel agencies, car rental companies, travel media companies and more. Our focus is on our customers, providing them with the solutions and expertise they need to serve their own customers better, and reach their business goals.

A partnership with Amadeus is built on four pillars that provide our customers with:

  • Superior content
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Collaborative relationships based on trust and listening
  • Powerful, innovative platforms

Hear more about how Amadeus helps our customers succeed directly from Scott Gutz, President and CEO of Amadeus North America.


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