Amadeus hotel solutions: Lessons, insights & evolution for 2017


At the end of 2016, Amadeus Hotel Distribution made significant progress in delivering on its vision to build comprehensive solutions to empower all types of travel agencies. Traditionally, corporate TMCs dominated the GDS channel for hotel bookings. Meanwhile, OTAs and retail leisure channels continued to gain ground in the hotel distribution landscape with large OTAs building their own robust platforms addressing their own needs. As a result, some dominant players suffered high technical costs that eventually increased distribution costs for hoteliers. Beyond the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all model, Amadeus envisioned a single IT platform that managed multiple sourcing models relevant for multiple channels – corporate, leisure and online travel companies. Our model is one that yields the best content choice and high sustainable rewards for hotels and travel sellers alike.

More rest for the leisure

Amadeus piloted our enhanced graphical booking platform Amadeus Hotels Plus with select leisure customers. As quoted by one of the pilot customers, Hilda Morrison of Travel Shoppe, “Hotels Plus is great to use when clients provide address and indicate they want to stay close to it. Having the map populate the hotels makes for very easy recommendations.”

A single smart destination search by city, address or landmarks has made hotel search a breeze like any of the OTA platforms. Redesigned filters with integrated maps have enhanced hotel search experience on the GDS. Tools to identify competitive and profitable offers for agencies as well as compare and email functionalities ensure that there is no efficiency lost for a travel company. Even the booking management interface keeps accessibility to hotels bookings simple and user-friendly without the need to remember codes and confirmation numbers! It is a platform with the intuitiveness and ease of a B2C platform with all the tools required to operate in a B2B environment. We are confident that with the right content sourced from relevant regional hotel providers, it will be the go-to hotel booking platform for retail leisure travel sellers.

Checking in OTAs

2016 was a test to see how Amadeus Hotel Web Services met the needs of our online customers. It was promising to see 163 percent growth from OTA’s and Amadeus Hotel Web Services customers with significant percentage of our bookings coming from this channel for Amadeus Hotels globally. New enhancements included automated average daily rate population; standard room types enabled developers to build customized front-ends with less efforts; and improved merchandising capabilities. There is more to come as we continue to work on improving content quality sources from providers as well as delivering a new generation cache technology to serve meta search and similar online channels.

Resolutions & rewards

This year, we continue our More Choices, More Rewards market program where agencies earn incentives and points toward great prizes for booking our enhanced car and hotel solutions. It’s not too late to make it your resolution to provide your customers with more choices and you earn rewards. Learn how you can push your business to the top in 2017!


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