3 travel trends to kick off your 2017 vacation planning

travel trendsEveryone looks forward to vacation, whether it’s a ski trip, cruise getaway, or “staycation.” We all need some time to refresh and disconnect. Have you helped your customers make their vacation plans for 2017? I am currently planning a vacation getaway for my upcoming birthday; here are three trends I’ve come upon as we enter into 2017.

Viva Cuba!

It’s one of the “hottest” emerging travel destinations for Americans. Last year we saw the first commercial flights land in Cuba. In 2017, it’s no surprise that Cuba tourism is on the rise. Since Americans are restricted from traveling to Cuba solely for tourism purposes, travel providers are getting more creative with packaging. A few cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line, will offer stopovers in Cuba – along with excursions that comply with U.S. government regulations. These cruises can be booked via Amadeus Total Cruise. Also, did you know you can rent a bed and breakfast room in Havana for as little as $25 per night via Airbnb.

Wellness vacations

A new twist on the spa vacation is the wellness getaway. This surge is tied to a rise in travelers seeking greater balance in their over-scheduled lives. Some of these vacations offer mindfulness coaching, meditation and hiking retreats, and instruction in yoga and healthy eating. More hotels are upgrading their properties by offering varied accommodations, such as villas and “wellness rooms” that help promote a holistic lifestyle.

On-demand mobile booking

Travelers are becoming more demanding in their expectations, seeking instant gratification and personalized solutions. They want to book their vacations immediately, using a few simple clicks via a smartphone or tablet. They want to see options quickly, and be assured they are getting the best price. Technology is also fueling this demand with mobile apps that help travelers find the nearest ATM, translate a foreign-language menu, provide on-the-go advice – and yes, even find the nearest public restroom!

The travel counselor’s touch

The biggest trend we are seeing in travel is the resurgence of the human element, i.e. the travel professional’s touch. Busy travelers don’t have the time or bandwidth to curate a vacation experience or book ultra-personalized services. That’s where the professional travel counselor comes in! The key for travel providers is to invest in the right tools and solutions, like Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, that help travel professionals do their jobs well, and deliver the highest end-traveler satisfaction.

Amadeus’ latest research report, Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel, offers important insights to help traveler professionals understand and target six distinct luxury traveler types. The more you understand what travelers want, the better you’ll deliver customized solutions that address their distinct needs. Does your client love to cook? Consider guiding her to an accredited chef school or week-long epicurean retreat. Is your traveler a runner like me? Camps for running aficionados are available all over the world. Whatever you do, make sure you invest in the tools, solutions and knowledge that will help you deliver a truly trend-worthy getaway for your customers in 2017!

What travel trends will you be watching – or even creating – in 2017?

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