What’s missing in corporate travel?

corporate travelBusiness travel technology is currently at an intersection: While many challenges abound, tremendous innovation continues to pave the way forward.

This “crossroad” was top of mind at BTN Innovate, an Amadeus-sponsored conference that brought together corporate travel and procurement professionals around buyer education, travel supplier innovation, and industry networking. During the two-day event, you could see problem-solving and best practice sharing occurring across the industry. It was also evident that the corporate travel community still requires travel technology that is reliable, performs well, and offers compelling user experiences for end-travelers.

Innovation makes us better

This year’s Innovator Lab Showcase featured a dozen participants, ranging from lightly disruptive (Cvent integration with Citi virtual cards), to highly disruptive Dufl, as well as the showcase winner, Conichi, the hotel app that offers mobile check-in, door opening via smartphone, and secure online payment.

At the peer-to-peer Think Tank sessions, attendees shared insights around industry topics such as the sharing economy, data privacy and security. A favorite session was “End2End,” raising awareness about the ongoing need for comprehensive, end-to-end travel management solutions. Travel managers were reminded to do their research before bringing a “utopian” end-to-end business case to the C-suite; otherwise, they may find themselves in a bind when a provider’s “perfect” solution performs imperfectly.

All in all, the conference was successful in uniting industry professionals around a common goal: to move the industry forward. While future challenges will always be part of the landscape, the corporate travel industry is well-positioned to transform obstacles into opportunities, lifted by innovation and collaboration.



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