Why site-hop when you can book 3 new LCCs in Amadeus?

shutterstock_488810071Today’s travelers, especially Millennials, have gotten savvier and are not shy about shopping around for the best flight deals. Some of these deals are offered by low cost carriers (LCC) – no-frills, budget airlines that typically offer lower fares and fewer amenities than full service carriers (FSC). Amadeus’ goal is to make it fast and easy for travel agencies to deliver complete content to travelers across both FSCs and LCCs.

Today, Amadeus offers global access to over 90 LCCs’ content, with more than 65 available in North America. Thanks to the recent launch in the U.S. of Amadeus Light Ticketing technology, U.S.-based travel agencies* can now book three newly-added low cost carriers: easyJet, Transavia and Jet2.

The benefits to travel agents and their customers are three-fold. First, booking from a single screen improves productivity and drives profitability. Site hopping becomes a thing of the past, as content is fully integrated in Amadeus Selling Platform, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect and Amadeus Web Services. Second, agents can book faster and more reliably because the LCCs are displayed alongside full service carriers’ neutral availability. And third, enhance customer service by offering travelers more choice with real-time availability of public and exclusive fares and services.

Start booking today!

Preliminary feedback around Amadeus Light Ticketing technology has been positive, and we look forward to adding more low cost carrier options in the future. With more content available in a single, seamless booking flow, travel agencies save time and money, which translates to more happy customers!

Not familiar with easyJet, Transavia and Jet2 routes and business? Want to learn more about Amadeus Light Ticketing functionality? Visit Amadeus Direct to learn more.


* Excludes online travel agencies

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