Breaking new ground in travel, one online startup at a time

RelovateWhen the Amadeus for Startups program launched just over a year ago in North America, it was exactly with online travel entrepreneurs like Relovate in mind. Now launching its new, first-of-its-kind personal trip planning and booking website, Relovate was one of the first participants in Amadeus for Startups, which makes our recently announced partnership with Relovate all the more exciting.

Relovate wants to inspire travelers to “Stop Booking Around” and take full control of their trip planning and booking. Amadeus is partnering with Relovate to help them do just that. Breaking new ground, the online startup’s private, advertising-free platform offers a personal online workspace. Relovate enables travelers to search, consider, save, and share all aspects of their trips, all made accessible through the integration of Amadeus’ vast inventory of global travel providers and content as well as superior online search and booking technology.

Relovate represents the true spirit of our Amadeus for Startups program, which today boasts dozens of online startup travel and search companies, as well as developers and travel content providers.

With no background in the travel industry, Sheli Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Relovate admitted their idea came like many others – “over a drink on the back deck” – while lamenting their personal trip planning frustrations.  As travelers and for travelers, they decided to set out to improve how consumers search and book their travel.

“We don’t want to be just another online travel agency. Our vision is to be the world’s first online travel solution connecting every stakeholder, to make the trip planning and booking experience more personalized, connected and shareable. Partnering with Amadeus, we know we have the scale to deliver that unique experience to our users.” said Gupta.

“For many startups, breaking into the travel industry and understanding the technology needed can be complex and complicated,” Alix Argüelles, Vice President, Online Travel Group, Amadeus North America. “We are dedicated to helping startups like Relovate bring their innovative approaches to consumers and the travel industry while also achieving business success.”

You can read our full partnership announcement here. Visit and for more information.


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