Amadeus introduces Peak Performance promotion for agents

Peaks Performance PostAmadeus is committed to helping travel agents earn more revenue and serve their clients better. In July we introduced our More Choices, More Rewards market program through an incentive promotion benefitting agencies when they book more cars and hotels in Amadeus.

Now, we’re focusing on you, the front-line travel agent. With our Peak Performance promotion, you can earn points toward great prizes as you adopt, learn and benefit from our enhanced car and hotel solutions.

Reach for the peak & push your business to the very top!

Amadeus Cars and Amadeus Hotels are designed to meet all your travelers’ needs and offer a mountain of benefits, including:

  • Champion content: Give your customers an unparalleled selection of car rental and hotel content
  • Leverage technology: Optimize the way you work with our intuitive and informative tools
  • Embrace new channels: Diversify your approach to access even more customers and new business
  • Raise customer service: Take advantage of our car and hotel trainings to help you personalize the trip for your customers
  • Build profitability – Maximize the value of each customer with higher margins and commissions
  • Conquer efficiency – Keep operations streamlined and seamless across every stage of the booking process

Amadeus travel agent promotion highlights

We’ve designed Peak Performance as a game to give agents an opportunity to show their strength and put their knowledge to the test.

Play this game to master our bookings solutions and clear a path to reaching your business potential. The objective of the game is to climb each mountain which has a set of levels. Level up by earning points. Earn points by completing challenges, booking travel using Amadeus, and growing agency-wide use of Amadeus’ tools.

The promotion runs from August 2016 through December 2017. During that time we will stage 5 mountains, or games, for you to reach your Peak Performance:

  • Denali: August ‘16 – December ‘16
  • Aconcagua: January ’17 – March ‘17
  • Elbus: April ’17 – June ’17
  • Kilimanjaro: July ’17 – September ’17
  • Everest: October ’17 – December ‘17

At the end of each game, we will award prizes to the most accomplished and dedicated climbers:

Top 2 climbers will each receive a 3-day car rental and 2 night’s hotel voucher

Not in the top 2 climbers?  You can enter a raffle with a minimum of 100 points to win a $100 gift card awarded to 8 climbers

At the end of the 18-month promotion, the travel agent with the most points wins a grand prize vacation package valued at $2,000!

Start playing today!

Visit our Peak Performance website to register and download your game guide.

You’ll soon start to earn points and compete against travel agents throughout North America in your quest to the top to earn fabulous prizes.




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