How Amadeus Hotels is bringing more clarity, choice and rewards to guests

Amadeus HotelsFloppy discs, cassette tapes, and typewriters all went the way of the Dodo due to new technologies, but the travel agent continues to thrive. Whilst you may be lead to believe that travel agents are passé in this digital era, in reality, there is a new generation of travel professionals and agencies that are absolutely integral to the industry. Whether it’s the travel expertise or high-tech applications developed and brought to your desktops, mobiles or tablets, there is a travel agent working for you behind the screens.

The proliferation of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), meta search companies, bed banks, aggregators, and’s have given multiple options to the hotel booker and has added more complexity and major FOMO (fear of missing out) on a better deal or receiving better and more personalized service. However, as the e-commerce space for the travel industry evolves, so does the travel agency channel. We’ve been working hard to equip hotel sellers with the right tools and content to meet the demands of today’s traveler with more clarity, more choice, and more rewards in their hotel booking experience.

For instance, Amadeus Hotels Plus, our online professional booking tool, shows integrated content from all hotel sources in the same standardized format within Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, so travel agents can access all their favorite providers through a single interface and compare provider to provider to find the best option for the traveler. Amadeus has 1.4 million hotel shopping options and over 450,000 unique properties, from around 300 hotel chains and thousands of independent properties. Amadeus Hotels also enables travel sellers to book air, hotel and car rental via a single entry and service point all while facilitating service, duty of care, and reducing administrative cost and overhead.

Though this one-stop shopping window of centralized high-quality hotel content, travel agents can filter using an intelligent search engine with multiple parameters, such as traveler preferences and travel policy requirements. Travel agents can offer exactly what the traveler is looking for, all without having to juggle multiple websites.

In addition to selecting the right product at the right price and providing the right service to their customers, travel agents also have a better understanding of how they will get rewarded through commissions, mark ups and service fees – which are all calculated within the platform margin manager of Amadeus Hotels Plus.

With multiple rates to choose from, including special and promotional rates, each travel agent has the choice to improve their cash-flow by securing agency revenue at the time of the sale. Travel agents have the option to work with numerous providers who offer various commission guarantees with efficient consolidation and payment programs. This means agents can reap the rewards and grow a more profitable business.

Our mission is to make the end-to-end travel experience simple and deliver clear value to our partners and customers. Bringing more choice of hotels and rewarding our travel sellers to grow a more profitable business is at the heart of this mission.

Stay tuned for more about Amadeus Hotels.


Originally published on the Amadeus corporate blog


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