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Amadeus HotelsWith the growing digital era, are travel agents passé? Millennials, Gen X and Gen Y travelers may say “Yes”! But in reality, there is a new generation of travel professionals and agencies that are still integral to the industry. Whether it’s the travel expertise or high-tech applications developed and brought to your desktops, mobiles or tablets, there is a travel agent working for you.

Shop globally, book locally

However, with more diverse and connected travelers today, our mission is to make the end-to-end travel experience simpler and deliver a clear value to partners and customers. For instance, the need for personalization across content, hotel offer and channel is critical to help travel agents remain relevant to all customers. Amadeus Hotels now delivers a clear choice for your travelers, from the depth and quality of our content to a wide range of hotel offers, commercial models and payment options. Not just that, you also can choose a booking interface depending on the traveler you serve. You have the ability to build your own B2C website, a mobile app and/or the right travel agent desktop to book hotels with traveler information shared across all booking platforms.

All content is available on a single shopping window and booking engine that combines content from a wide variety of content partners – from hotel chains and representation companies as well as global and regional hotel aggregators. Globally, we have available more than 1.4 million shopping options representing more than 400,000 unique properties ready for distribution.

Personalized with every booking

So you have the ability to cater to every trip your traveler wants to book, whether it is a business hotel in a city center location, a beach resort on an island or a hotel next to a key point of interest. And you have access to multiple rate types with flexible payment options such as “pay-at-hotel” or virtual credit card for a more competitive and personalized hotel offer:

  • All published hotel rates: public rates such as BAR, promotional, conditional rates (AAA, Senior citizen rates or hotel loyalty member discounted rates). We offer the same rates available on hotel branded websites!
  • Private rates: your own agency negotiated rate as well as rates negotiated by corporations you serve.
  • Aggregator rates: with our unique merged shopping options display from hotel chains and aggregators, you can now book specially negotiated aggregator rates including leisure destinations.

Amadeus Hotel solutions provides modern and intuitive solutions allowing for personalized hotel recommendations thanks to preferred hotel search options and filters. Agents can reduce the need to juggle multiple websites to find the best deal and check properties to meet travel policy requirements.

So how can you benefit?

Stay tuned for the Amadeus More Choices & More Rewards program. It is our new campaign designed to help you earn more revenue & rewards from your hotel bookings.

For more information on our hotel solutions and the “More Choices, More Rewards” campaign, reach out to your Amadeus Account Manager today.

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