3 ways to reach an Obligation Meeter

obligation meeterLast April, Amadeus released Future Traveler Tribes 2030, an intriguing report about six emerging traveler trends and their effect on travel through the year 2030. This study has sparked countless conversations with colleagues and customers about the best ways to serve these unique traveler types.

As a hardcore, non-apologetic Obligation Meeter, here are three ways travel planners can better understand my tribe – and offer fulfilling options to meet our needs.

Understand that travel has a goal

Obligation Meeters make travel choices that revolve around a set objective. We need to be in a certain place at a certain time, without fail. My tribe is popular among corporate travelers, bucket list devotees, health and wellness tourists, and students.

Because we are goal oriented, any advice, service or information you provide is welcome. Travel Management Companies and consultants who leverage new technology to keep us “one step ahead” have the advantage. For example, if our itinerary gets disrupted, Obligation Meeters appreciate a quick video chat to help us snag another flight. We need no-hassle, choice-minimal booking options. We also appreciate your initiative in offering linked transport solutions, accommodation ideas and add-on services. Since we are big on planning, be sure to book our itineraries well in advance – it helps us stress less.

Automate the process from A to Z

Whether our mission is to meet a client, attend a seminar, shop at a particular place, or celebrate a family event, we need your help making our trip as seamless as possible. Obligation Meeters appreciate any technology that smooths the process and offers support and communication along the way. Connectivity (i.e. Wi-Fi) is indispensable; my iPad and iPhone are two staples I’d be lost without.

Remember, we spend a lot of time in airports, so whenever possible, use technology to keep us organized. For example, texts and apps keep us informed about what’s happening in real time. Paperless itineraries and smartphone check-ins reduce carry-on clutter. Smart suitcases like Bluesmart allow us to locate lost luggage, weigh our bags without scales, and receive notifications if a suitcase gets left behind.

Help us achieve our purpose

Obligation Meeters derive meaning, purpose and pleasure through travel. This characteristic overlaps with another tribe, the Ethical Traveler, who travels to make a difference through volunteering, community service and outreach. That’s why my involvement in Tourism Cares is so important. I enjoy taking annual treks with fellow Obligation Meeters who serve worthwhile causes around the globe. We are traveling for a purpose: to do good when we get there.

To gain an Obligation Meeter’s favor, suggest travel options that align with our interests in philanthropy, special events and “voluntourism.” “Bleisure” travel options, which combine business and leisure trips, work well for our busy lives. We appreciate itinerary ideas that feature authentic, off-the-beaten track cultural exchanges, rather than programmed cookie-cutter destinations.

How to reach the six traveler tribes

As a travel planner, do you understand the six traveler types and what motivates them to purchase travel from you? Do you know the difference between an Obligation Meeter, Simplicity Searcher, Reward Hunter, Social Capital Seeker, Cultural Purist, or Ethical Traveler? To drill down further, do you know the best time to reach them with a personalized offer? What communication mode or device works best? How much contact do they expect or want from you?

A fun place to start is to take Amadeus’ Traveler Tribes quiz, which reveals your own traveler type in a few quick questions. Not only will you learn more about yourself, you’ll quickly learn what makes all six tribes tick – leading to greater customer loyalty and revenue for you.

Read the full report here.


How do you personalize your offers to reach the six Traveler Tribes?


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