The future of travel: five crucial takeaways for startups

CaptureInnovation, energy and creativity are the hallmarks of the travel startup community. But to create a successful, sustainable business, every entrepreneur knows it takes more than just guts to reap the glory.

Fueled by our commitment and focus on travel startups, we wanted to further examine what it takes to build a travel brand of the future. And who better to ask than travel startups and other key players in travel today.

Amadeus has partnered with travel intelligence company, Skift, to take a closer look at some of the twists, turns and takeaways in the startup journey.

Together, we have launched an original video series that provides essential insights for aspiring entrepreneurs from those already traveling that road. “The Takeoff” video series and special report, “Building the Future of Travel: 5 Takeaways for Startups” explore the startup mindset and what it takes to become a next level innovator in travel.

The series offers interviews and insights about the startup experience from a cross-section of players in the travel arena: Routehappy, Jetaport, ALICE and  Also featured is Alix Argüelles, Vice President, Online Travel Group, Amadeus North America, who provides a unique view based on Amadeus’ years of partnering and serving the needs of the travel startup community.

“Typically a startup is the brainchild of one or two entrepreneurs. In order to bring that idea to fruition, to make it something real, they have to surround themselves with a really good team,” says Argüelles. “I like to say that you need to surround yourself with goodness. Whether that goodness is just your team or the partners that you deal with or even the technology that you’re using…all of those play a key part in making a startup successful.”

Amadeus has a long track record and a dedicated focus in serving online travel startups and emerging companies at all stages of their journey. Many of our long-term partnerships were startups when we began working with them. We also offer a unique, industry-first program, Amadeus for Startups, which directly supports the entrepreneurial and creative focus of startups. Our mission is to equip travel startups in the North American marketplace with industry leading technology, expertise and consultative support to navigate the complexities of the travel industry and achieve success.

So what are the five crucial takeaways that every travel startup needs to consider now? View “The Takeoff” series and download the special report here on to find out.

At Amadeus, we look forward to continuing to foster the “goodness” and shaping the future of travel together. For more about Amadeus and the Amadeus for Startups program, please visit:


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