Accelerating travel innovation: embracing the need for speed


“Genuine innovation is key to survival; there is simply no other way,” according to Hervé Couturier, head of Amadeus Research & Development, summing up the significance for the travel industry to embrace innovation.

Industry veterans will tell you there’s never been a dull moment in travel’s history. Innovation continues to be a major driver of change and evolution, among other factors. And now more than ever, the industry must continue to innovate and transform how it does business and serves travelers.

Discussions and initiatives abound around innovation: how to embrace it, how to drive it, how to get it done. And new technology will play a key role in helping discover, define and differentiate the value that is delivered to customers.

So what’s next in terms of innovation and change in shaping the future of travel?

In an article penned for, “The Rapid Pace of Innovation in Travel,” Amadeus reveals three critical concepts for travel companies looking to make a commitment to innovation.

And speed will be key. One thing you can bet on is what has been termed the “raging rate of innovation.”

“I think in the travel industry today I am most excited about the pace of innovation. Historically travel has been slower to adopt technology and I think what’s been fantastic over the last few years is that that pace has increased and changed,“ said to James Filsinger, CEO of Yapta, in a related video piece.

To find out more about how the concepts of value, adoption and focus will play into the innovation equation for travel companies, read the full Skift article here.


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