Premier Travel Management & United Airlines shapes the future of travel through partnership

During part 1 of the interview, Marty Knupp, vice president of Premier Travel Management, and Amos Khim, managing director of Distribution at United Airlines, spoke about how distribution of ancillary services in Amadeus creates a one-stop process for booking and increases efficiency for the agents.

The dialogue continues with a deeper look at how shaping the future of travel together creates a better shopping experience for all of our customers and our partnership.

“Selling ancillaries through Amadeus allows customers to get their products at the time when they’re booking their ticket,” says Amos. “Partnering with Amadeus brings a lot of value to United Airlines. It reaches customers that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.”

In addition to booking flexibility and time-saving features, Marty touts how Amadeus’ investment in technology allows United Airlines to collect data for corporations and stay competitive in ever-evolving market.

“We proactively offer ancillary products to our customers. It saves them time and money,” Marty says. “Amadeus is invaluable to us. We need to have the latest information, the latest technology, in order to be able to do our job.”

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“Premier Travel has been in business for about thirty years now. What makes us stick out from the competition is we focus on small to mid-size accounts where we feel they are severely underserved in the corporate market. We have all the toys of a big travel management company and we bring them to the smaller customer.” – Marty Knupp

“United Airlines is a global airline; we think we’re unique in that we offer a global network that reaches many different parts all around the world with many unique products for all type of customers, from business travelers with our Global First and Business First products, to our Economy Plus for our leisure customers.” – Amos Khim



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