TravelPop: GroundLink’s Dean Sivley on the 3 factors driving the future of travel

Mobile, personalization and enhanced customer service are three of the biggest components driving the future of travel, according to Dean Sivley, chief executive officer of GroundLink, a chauffeured black car service that leverages online technology and provides ground transportation for travelers in 110 countries worldwide.

In our latest TravelPop video, Dean also discusses the importance of blending mobile technologies with personalized solutions in order to best meet the needs of today’s travelers. From booking a car and viewing a bill to tracking a ride, today’s digital-savvy travelers want complete mobile accessibility as they continue to drive the evolution of this industry.

For Dean’s random “pop” question, he shared how one memorable ride provided the inspiration for what he’s doing today in travel industry.

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  1. The future of travelling is coming to auto driving. Big private transport players are also thinking to invest in automated services. But it is still very early now to depend on automation. Technology is aiding but eliminating manpower which is quite an argument. Imagine the customer service department being attended by and handled by robots. Not personally beneficial.

  2. Enhanced customer service is the main factor for a good consumer response. Even if a company receives bad response on service, that customer can only be managed effectively with quick redressals using technology (but not fully depending on it). Technology is just an added substance, otherwise good customer service/handling matters. There are many cases where latest technologies are in use but the growth is not coming or did not happen. Some points are left out still.
    So technology comes second always, and customer service comes first.

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