TravelPop: Yapta’s James Filsinger on the move to mobile and the pace of travel innovation

Powerful innovation, mobile technology and building solutions tailored to specific customer needs are all poised to propel travel companies forward, says James Filsinger, President and Chief Executive Officer of Yapta, a pioneer in providing airfare price assurance services for travelers.

In our latest TravelPop video, James shares his excitement over the speed of travel innovation in the industry in recent years and how large and small companies are revving up and embracing this change of pace. In particular, James notes that today’s travel industry is being consumed by mobile devices, a trend likely to accelerate even further in the coming years.

For James’ random “pop” question, he shared his favorite vacation destination. Tune in to find out why he’s recently traded in the Land of the Pyramids for this “chilly” adventure travel location as his vacation top spot.

The Amadeus TravelPop series is available on the Amadeus North America YouTube channel. Check back for new TravelPop segments here on this blog, or on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.



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