TravelPop: Direct Travel’s Darryl Hoover on “push” and personalization for customer success

Facilitating an information-sharing environment, outsourcing solutions and saving money for customers are all important components shaping the travel industry today, according to Darryl Hoover, Chief Technology Officer of Direct Travel, a leading corporate travel management company focused on business travel management services and Internet-based technology solutions.

In our latest TravelPop video, Darryl discusses how Direct Travel has taken a slightly different approach to serving its customers by outsourcing non-customer facing solutions, thus allowing them to invest more in other technologies. Looking out over the next decade, Darryl thinks the industry can get a bit more personal to create customer success. Rather than a “pull” approach to information and offers, it’s important for the travel industry to evolve toward a “push” strategy to engage with customers in a more personalized, relevant manner.

For Darryl’s random “pop” question, tune in here to find out what he considers paradise when it comes to his favorite vacation destination!

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