TravelPop: RockCheetah’s Robert Cole on “getting personal” in travel

Personalizing the travel experience both in air and on land poses significant challenges to the travel industry, but with those obstacles comes incredible opportunity to shape the future of travel, according to Robert Cole, founder of RockCheetah, a global hotel marketing strategy and travel technology consulting practice.

In our latest TravelPop video, Robert discusses how big data, combined with the evaluation of traveler behaviors, can help airlines and hotels determine exactly what travelers need to better personalize their offerings. Looking out over the next decade, Robert explains the “changing paradigm” and how new companies are shaking up the industry, thus changing the relationship between travelers and their hosts/hotels.

For Robert’s random “pop” question, he shared which city he would most like to spend one day in. Tune in to here to find out which city this globetrotter has never visited and would love to dig into!

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