The traveling diaries: 4 ways to survive a long flight

shutterstock_104755040Too bad transporters like the one in Star Trek universe just don’t exist where the far out words “Beam me up” would be all that’s needed to get from one place to the other. If you’re like me, then the only words being said on a long monotonous plane ride may sound something like, “Are we there, yet?”

Plane rides can be long and boring. This notion, confirmed by my 20-hour plane ride to South Africa over the summer, I know just how difficult it is to find some entertainment to combat the boredom.

For travelers flying long distance, these tips may keep them from asking, “Are we there, yet?”

Surf the net: Some airlines such as Southwest offer in-flight Wi-Fi. Travelers with smartphones or tablets have access to a full entertainment system right at their fingertips. From playing Angry Birds and Words with Friends to online surfing, the possibilities are endless. You can even send a mid-air Snapchat!

Read a book: If you’re a book worm, pack that must-read novel, or pick up the latest niche magazine to discover the latest trends and riveting feature pieces. No need for batteries, so read on!

Get social: Start a conversation with your flight mates, and exchange traveler stories. You’d be surprised how much time passes while learning about someone’s life and culture. I learned my first Zulu word on that last flight: Sawubona (Hello everybody!)

Listen to music: On long flights, your smartphone battery may R.I.P long before you hear the pilot say “Ladies and gentlemen, the seatbelt sign has just been turned on and we’ll be making our decent shortly.” So make sure to bring an MP3 player or iPod. Even if you can’t play your games or surf the Web, you’ll have some tunes to help the time go by quicker.

Take command of the flight experience
Now that you have a host of in-flight activities, it’s also important to ensure you have the best pre- and in-flight experience. With Amadeus Ancillary Services, travel professionals can easily access and book options like priority boarding, pre-paid baggage, pre-paid meals, airport lounge access and many other services.

Arm your customers with a VIP flight experience, where they don’t have to worry about being the last person to board the plane, or pay for meals in-flight. Amadeus Ancillary Services helps your travelers take command of their flight experience.

The next time your client flies from Miami to Melbourne or from San Antonio to South Africa, provide a checklist of helpful entertainment carry-ons. And with Amadeus Ancillary Services, they’ll feel like a VIP before and during the entire plane ride.

Happy flying!

What do you do on your flights to keep from getting bored? Anything I missed?


  1. I enjoy cleaning off my laptop desktop of tiles and getting rid of tech clutter. When I land, I feel so accomplished and ready to tackle whatever is next! #nerdalert

    1. Oh well.. That is a brillliant idea. I spend hours trying to get everything organized on my laptop. What better time than during one of those long flights!!

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