Collaboration and competition

young_attractive_business_peopleI recently sat on a panel at the APG World Connect conference in Washington, D.C., that focused on the need for industry collaboration between airlines, global distribution systems and travel agencies. Much of the discussion was driven out of the current industry angst around IATA’s NDC proposal.

It was an interesting panel discussion, with all players concluding that we needed to stop the verbal volleys and start focusing on real issues. We need our primary industry voices to be more focused on solutions and less shrill and finger-pointing. This does not mean that we will always agree and collaborate. Sometimes we all find ourselves in situations where we have very different goals. Collaboration usually succeeds where the following conditions are present:

  • Leadership
  • Trust and respect
  • Shared objectives and goals
  • Participation and accountability
  • Meaningful communication

    Without these conditions, collaboration is virtually impossible due to no common objectives, poor communication, or a lack of respect for other opinions. On the other hand, I have found that if we have shared goals, good communication and respect for other opinions, then amazing things can happen!

    How do you achieve meaningful collaboration in your business?


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