How airlines can attract more customers

shutterstock_97530545Airlines are being creative with new programs and perks to woo travelers and ease customers’ burden from additional fees. Now more than ever, airlines need to attract today’s fatigued consumer.

To attract the everyday traveler, here are some ways your airline can soar above the competition, while at the same time getting a fair share of the ancillary goldmine.

Perks for passengers

• Update all of your online content, (blogs at least twice per week), with SEO-enriched copy to increase brand awareness and search ranking. Include what you uniquely offer and set your airline apart from others.
• Add and rotate pilot and crew member-written spotlights to engage customers, ease fears of flying and ingratiate family participation while increasing brand recognition and loyalty.
• Promote specials, promotions, services and testimonials through online videos that link to YouTube, which Google owns and can increase online site ranking.
• Restructure and improve use of customer loyalty reward programs. Consider double rewards during the off-booking season, and promote online and mobile redemption.

Maximize customer contact with mobile solutions

Embrace mobile marketing as it is a powerful tool to reach and attract customers in today’s digital world. Check out The 2012 Traveler Study by Google and Ipsos MediaCT to see what matters most to fliers. This includes mobile booking and servicing, which is up 450 percent. Leveraging this information with the following mobile-only tips will help airlines engage the customer, maximize the travel experience, and increase loyalty.

• Use mobile solutions to personalize your communications, marketing efforts, brand recognition and online booking and servicing options. Use a Web-to-mobile friendly browser, apps or hybrid solutions, coupled with SEO-enriched online and mobile content to increase ranking and exposure to target consumers.
• Create a mobile community that allows airlines to meet customer needs – anywhere, anytime.
• Promote mobile-only offers to your e-client database, send relevant specials to past fliers (based on their preferences and travel history), and participate in Groupon offers.
• Become a flier’s companion by offering e-alerts, messages, promos, tips and the most current flight information.
• Organize last-minute auctions to help fill those vacant seats.

Convenience & customization are key

Fliers are willing to pay more to travel in larger aircrafts and better services.

In a keynote speech by veteran industry analyst/co-founder of Atmosphere Research Group, Henry Harteveldt stated, “more travelers are willing to consider trading up to save time and reduce hassle for a customized travel experience.” Travel technology can take customization even further, especially through mobile channels. “As airlines embrace new innovations, technologies and strategies to attract consumers, the sky is the limit!”

What methods have helped increase your consumer base, profits and exposure?

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  1. Sir or Madam
    I have a idea that would attraction million of people to take the airline that would take my idea.This idea would change. the way the airline would travel. With this idea the prices would go very low and the airlines would still do very welL
    The airlines would feel so safe that the pilot and the working person would feel safe and not on stress. The airline would save millions on gas and you can be sure with this idea that there would not be any thing going wrong with the baggage.
    The baggage would not have to be check at the gate, just put it on the belt without checking it . That would save time and fast departure.
    The airlines that have this idea would be in fromt of the group.

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  3. I work for airlne in east africa as sales executive what initiatives should i put in place to boost our airline brand.

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