4 ways to cross-sell, up-sell, and expertly sell with Amadeus

Cross sellAs a travel professional, are you leaving money on the table? Do you overlook suggestive selling opportunities because you lack the experience, knowledge, content or tools to effectively enhance the sale?

According to Amadeus North America Senior Product Manager Jolene Iredale, travel retailing applications like Amadeus Selling Platform and Amadeus Selling Platform Connect make it easy for travel professionals to up-sell, cross-sell and confidently sell products and services that add value and improve a client’s overall travel experience. As Amadeus’ retailing tools empower you to work smarter, serve better and sell more, your customers will grow increasingly satisfied and loyal – and everyone wins!

Here are four ways Amadeus Selling Platform and Amadeus Selling Platform Connect can help you cross-sell, up-sell and sell more travel in general:

1. Generate repeat business. A new feature in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect lets you make follow-up notes in the customer profile, leading to future sales opportunities. For example, you are helping Mr. Smith plan a European family vacation this summer. He mentions that next year they plan to visit several Caribbean islands. You can post reminders, to-dos and trip data in his profile, which will pop up on a designated date in the future, reminding you to contact Mr. Smith to assist with next year’s family vacation.

2. Recruit proficient salespeople. User-friendly icons and intuitive navigation make it easy for new hires to operate and implement Amadeus Selling Platform. This enables you to focus your recruitment efforts on a candidate’s proven selling abilities rather than technical expertise. According to Tony Maupin of Raleigh, NC-based Maupin Travel, Amadeus’ point-and-click technology allows agencies to “hire someone who used to work at Nordstrom without much training. They don’t need GDS experience or need to know how to use the green screen.”

3. Increase value. New features in Amadeus Cars Plus and Amadeus Hotels Plus let you search, sell, save and compare options that can improve your customer’s overall travel experience. For example, Mrs. Jones is on a vacation budget and wants to rent a compact car for her family of five. You know that seating will be tight. Using Amadeus’ retail platforms, you can up-sell Mrs. Jones a larger-sized vehicle that may cost a few dollars more per day, yet provide the comfort her family needs and is willing to pay for.

4. Sell more online. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is the only booking platform offered by a GDS that is fully Web-based. Access an exhaustive array of travel content: not just air, but cars, hotels, rail, tours – and soon, Web-based cruise will be integrated! Next time, when a customer asks you to book a flight, you can suggest to add a shore excursion, walking tour or rail pass – and include subway maps, driving guides and luggage tags for good measure! Your customers will always remember how you “went the extra mile” to make their trip more fun and fulfilling.

Add value, sell success

Successful travel professionals know that effective selling requires much more than simply executing a financial transaction. Creating lifelong customers requires that you understand and meet each customer’s needs, add exceptional value, and build strong relationships.
As your technology partner, Amadeus wants to help you improve your sales with cutting-edge solutions that set you apart from your competitors. Amadeus Selling Platform and Amadeus Selling Platform Connect are just the tools you need to sell the very best content – locally, regionally and globally.

How does your company use suggestive selling to create loyal customers and grow sales?


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