Amadeus continues to grow e-Commerce around the world with Air France-KLM agreement

AirFrance_KLMMerchandising, mobilizing and personalization are top priorities for airlines and their online business, according to recent Amadeus research. And technology continues to play a key role in helping airlines get the most out of their e-commerce efforts.

Most recently, Amadeus announced a long-term e-Commerce agreement with Air France-KLM, the leading French-Dutch airline group. The global agreement provides the airline group with our shopping technology across both its domestic and international websites.

“Air France-KLM is an airline group particularly advanced in its approach to e-Commerce, and we are delighted to support the airline as it continues to evolve and achieve its digital ambitions,” said Philippe Der Arslanian, Head of Global e-Commerce & Mobile at Amadeus.

Travelers will benefit from improved self-service functionality, enabling them to enjoy the same, consistent shopping experience when searching for Air France-KLM flights, exploring special offers, redeeming frequent flyer miles, or when rebooking alternative travel options.

The partnership highlights the continued expansion of Amadeus’ e-Commerce business around the world. Amadeus now powers Web and mobile services for more than 100 airlines across merchandising, booking, and servicing with offerings such as Amadeus e-Retail Engine and Amadeus Flex Pricer.

Amadeus and Air-France KLM’s partnership is one that is long standing. In 2010, the airline migrated fully to the Altéa Inventory solution and earlier this year renewed their content agreement and launched a New Economy Offer with us.

For more information, you can find the full press release here.

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